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Rachel Hoekstra

Never give up on your dreams!

Favorite quote: If opportunity doesn’t knock; build a door.

Hobby: Traveling and experiences different cultures.

Favorite place in Cyprus? Larnaca

Favorite food: Mexican food! Tacos more specifically

Winter or summer? Summer.

Who are you gonna support next World Cup? Spain.

How about in the Women’s World Cup? Canada.

Favorite football player (man/ woman)? Andreas Iniesta and Marta.

Besides football, do you play another sport? Volleyball.

One dream: To play in the champions league.

About her Career


When did you start playing?

6 years old.

Clubs you have played?

Pickering Soccer Club, Durham United FC, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Georgia Southern University.

Highlight/ favorite moment?

Winning the Northeast Conference championship for the first time in school history for Fairleigh Dickinson University.

National Team?


What’s the best part about playing in Cyprus?

The beautiful weather.

And what do you believe is the big challenge about playing in Cyprus?

Raising the level of football here.

Any advice for the next generation of Cypriot players?

Never give up on your dreams!

Youtube Highlight Video

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