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Marina Pieri

Set your goals and pursue your dreams! Never give up! Remember: difficulties are just the beginning for a new achievement!

Favorite quote:  The name in the front is more important than the name in the back!

Hobby: Spending time with my daughter!

Favorite place in Cyprus? Paphos.

Favorite food: Chinese food.

Winter or summer? Winter.

Who are you gonna support next World Cup? Germany.

How about in the Women’s World Cup? USA.

Favorite football player (man/ woman)? Steven Gerrard and Alex Morgan.

Besides football, do you play another sport? No.

One dream: The same dream goes on for 17 years now! Women’s football in Cyprus should be further supported and promoted! The young talents and our teams should be further enhanced in their efforts to make women’s football greater in Cyprus!


⚽️ About her Career

When did you start playing?

I started playing when i was 12 years old.

Clubs you have played?

Lefkothea Latsion Women Football Club (2001–2015), Omonoia Lefkothea (2016–2017) e Lefkothea Latsion Women Football Club (2017-…)

Highlight/ favorite moment?

One of the most important moments of my carrier is 2001 since it was my first year in “Lefkothea”. We won the Championship and we were the first team of Cyprus to participate in Uefa Women’s Champions League! It was a once in a lifetime experience!

A second favorite moment is the final game for the “Cup” in 2008-09 season. We played against Apollon Ladies and although we lost, it was a rewarding game from many aspects for our team!

National Team?

Yes. I was called to the Cyprus WNT in 2006. My first official match was in 2006 against Israel.

What’s the best part about playing in Cyprus?

The weather!

And what do you believe is the big challenge about playing in Cyprus?

In my opinion, the biggest challenge for the Cypriot women’s football in the moment is for the teams to be further supported in their attempt to achieve a higher level of performance. Currently, there is a huge difference in the level of the teams participating in the Championship due to the lack of financial resources for some of the teams. Such a support would raise the level of the teams thus it would result in a more interesting and antagonistic Championship. Having told that, I believe that it is a challenge by itself for each player to set her personal goals and keep playing the game she loves!

Any advice for the next generation of Cypriot players?

Set your goals and pursue your dreams! Never give up! Remember: difficulties are just the beginning for a new achievement!

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