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Elena Aristodemou

Never give up, work hard, and follow your dreams even if it seems impossible to some people.

Favorite Quote:  Everything you always dreamed of is perfectly achievable as long as you are willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Hobby: Drawing.

Favorite place in Cyprus? Aphrodite Hills.

Favorite food: Chinese Food.

Winter or summer? Summer.

Who are you gonna support next World Cup? Brazil.

How about in the Women’s World Cup? England.

Favorite football player (man/ woman)? Tobin Heath and Ronaldinho.

Besides football, do you play another sport? No.

One dream: My dream is to play in a team out of Cyprus.

About her Career


When did you start playing?

I started at the age of 9 so I’ve played for 6 years.

Clubs you have played?

Barcelona FA (2017-18,2017-16), Nuovo Calcio(2015-16), Omonia (2014-15, 2013-14, 2012-13, 2011-12).

Highlight/ favorite moment?

In London, a tournament in october 2012 when I scored the last penalty of semi-finals.

National Team?


What’s the best part about playing in Cyprus?

It is an island where football is the loved sport by people who live here. The people here are willing to learn new things about this sport so in this way we help each other and we are continuously learning new things.

And what do you believe is the big challenge about playing in Cyprus?

The big challenge for a player in Cyprus is that there are a lot of good players and there is a big competition among them so they have to work hard.

Any advice for the next generation of Cypriot players?

From the things I have learned so far the only advice I can give is to never give up, work hard, and follow your dreams even if it seems impossible to some people.

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