Christina Pitsillou

Stay humble. Continue pursuing your dreams and never give up.

Favorite quote: Work hard in silence…Let your success be your noise…

Hobby: Mini Golf

Favorite place in Cyprus? Ayia Napa

Favorite food: Thai Food

Winter or summer? Summer.

Who are you gonna support next World Cup? Egypt.

How about in the Women’s World Cup? Canada.

Favorite football player (man/ woman)? Puyol and Brandi Chastain.

Besides football, do you play another sport? Basketball

One dream: To play in the Champions League.

About her Career


When did you start playing?

I started playing at the age of 7.

Clubs you have played?

Ethnikos Achnas, AEK, Hull City Ladies, North Ferriby Ladies, AEA.

Highlight/ favorite moment?

When we achieved the first win of the U19 WNT against Latvia in 2012.

National Team?

Yes. I have been part of the U19 national team (2011-2013) and I have been called up for the Women’s National Team this season (2017-2018).

What’s the best part about playing in Cyprus?

The good weather and that we are a football crazy nation.

And what do you believe is the big challenge about playing in Cyprus?

The big challenge about playing in Cyprus is the difference between the teams in terms of strength and abilities. The fact that there is only one division because of the low number of the teams existing, makes the league less competitive and short in duration. Therefore, it is easy to lose your interest and motivation to continue playing football.

Any advice for the next generation of Cypriot players?

Stay humble. Continue pursuing your dreams and never give up.

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