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More than a blog! Cyprus Women's Football is a project to equip the footballers and develop their community. Doing it IN and FOR Cyprus, but we also want to inspire and impact footballers around the world!

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Getting in Cyprus, we've faced the first challenge - lack of communication and language barrier! Some clubs were doing a good job, but if you are not a greek speaker, it was a real challenge to keep updated about Women's Football!


So our first step was Promotion - Cyprus Women's Football - The home of Women's Football in Cyprus. We've created the first Website (and Instagram account) about WF in Cyprus. It was the most complete with Fixture, Results, Club information, Players profile. Also, CWF was the first channel in English in all platforms.

These past years CWF has been engaged with the Women's Football community in Cyprus. Not just through our channels, but also supporting and joining different projects and events in Cyprus.


We've started following the League and meeting with players


We created a league website (stats, box score, players profiles, venues) + Social Medias. Players started getting involved.


The CFA created the League Page in English. We kept only the blog and campaign in Social Medias.


The Bench Project - We create a project to support players and made partnerships with business that are offering special discounts to players in Cyprus. We stopped the blog to join World of Women's Soccer.


4Cyprus Project! Time to find our heroes.

Some organizations we have partnered to invest in Women's Football in Cyprus!

Alyssa Lagonia

CWF is a very important and unique project that is changing the face of women's football in Cyprus. I am very proud to be a part of this movement and I think everyone involved is doing their best to improve the status for women in this country. Recent interest and investment from FIFA and UEFA prove that women's football is something that cannot be ignored anymore. Cyprus has so much potential, it is a footballing nation, but where are all the girls? Let's get them outside, active and playing the best sport in the world. CWF is here to change the norm and grow the beautiful game for all! Thank you to everyone who are supporting and following CWF.

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Krystyna Freda

Cyprus Women's Football is a vital resource for the women's football community in Cyprus. There is not much information regarding the women's game, especially not all in one source. CWF has provided that crucial bridge in getting information to the public, as well as providing information in English, so all nations and people can understand. The way they are promoting the game is something that is not happening anywhere else in Cyprus, and I am so happy to be working with them to help bring up the women's game in Cyprus, and you should be too! We need more girls to start playing and keep building the culture in Cyprus. We also need current players to get involved! Don't sit on the bench, get off it and start playing towards the bigger goal: Promoting women's football in Cyprus

From Players To Players
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