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2021 Project

Time to help to raise the voice of the leaders in Women's Football in Cyprus.


In these past 5 years, we've seen some changes, but still, so small compared to what we've seen around the globe. Cypriot players are not professional players.


The WNT had to wait 17 years to play in a UEFA competition. According the last (2017) UEFA report, in the Change since 2003, Cyprus had +1% growth. And a huge decrease in the number of players 18+! 

148  05-10-20_resize.JPG

#4 was the number of Margarita Sofokleous - former captain of Apollon Ladies and Cyprus WNT. A players who dedicated 10 years to the NT in a season where they had few (or none) support. She represents well a cypriot player: a heart committed to her team and teammates and passionate about Women's Football.


We believe our first step here in Cyprus, is to find our heroes. To get more girls playing in Cyprus, we need more role models. We need the formers players still involved with the growth of the game. We need more players inspiring the new generation.


Leadership | Provide resources and tools so they can have a louder voice and empower the leaders to pass it on and inspire the next generation

Education | so they can know their rights and responsibilities as a player.

Visibility | Support them in sharing their stories. 


Meet the team investing in this project 

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